Thursday, February 6, 2014

An Analysis “a Father's Words for a Lost Child” by Suhaimi Haji Muhammad

Ballad of a fathers compassion: An psychoanalysis A Fathers Words for a Lost Child by Suhaimi Haji Muhammad A fathers lyric poem for a lost child by Suhaimi Haji Muhammad dramatizes the conflict in the midst of a father and his lost child. The loud perfect(prenominal) system who is the father expresses his bewail and grieves towards his child who runs away from home. He senses that his child feels deep violate over what has happened to her. Despite his thwarting towards his daughter, the talker is trying to storage locker his daughter by persuading her that she is still pure and innocent. She is just the victim of the wild and fearsome world. The speaker seems to be persuading his daughter as he uses words like come home, dont wait and block away. As for Suhaimis poem, it d surfaces in the past events where the speaker keeps on telling and reminding his daughter of her past doings and mistakes and this continues until the real ending of the poem. It serves as a remind er as well as a lesson for her to remember. In this poem, the speaker brilliantly plays with variety collection of poetic winds which ultimately aid in highlighting lordly issues and contribute to the understanding of the poem as a whole. Firstly, the constituent of metaphor plays a huge role in line drawing certain ideas and subject matters in the poem. Suhaimi Mohammad is vividly using elements of timber like plants to make referent to the girl. By giving the arbitrator something concrete to compare with, the metaphor clarifies the description of the object that it compares. though the use of metaphor is not directly stated, the readers can visit the meaning behind it by simply connecting the object to its reference. For example, the speaker describes her daughter as She is a tree, a garden where it whitethorn bring meaning that his daughter is a beautiful, fertile and attracting person. The abandoned example is The metropolis is a jungle that connotes a city that is dangerous and full of negative influ! ences. The other poetic whatsis that adds to the complexity of the...If you want to get a full essay, shop at it on our website:

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